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Magazine Police Department

Logo for Logan County Sheriff and Magazine Police

In March of 2022, Logan County and the City of Magazine entered into an Interlocal Agreement where the Logan County Sheriff's Office supervises and runs the Magazine Police Department. The full-time police chief position is now the full-time Magazine Sergeant position who acts as the police chief, works out of the Police Department offices in City Hall, attends City Council meetings and works with the mayor, and provides law enforcement services within the corporate boundaries of the city.  We also have a part-time deputy assigned to the city who works out of the Police Department offices in City Hall.  We are very excited about this agreement and we are honored with the trust that the Magazine Mayor and City Council put in us to sign this agreement.  We also have an agreement with the Magazine School District for school security for the buildings, crosswalks, and games.  If you have driven past the Magazine Schools this year, you have seen our increased presence at the schools and that is another example of trust in our agency.

Photo of Sergeant Brett Chappell

Sgt. Brett Chappell

Photo of Deputy Jim Elkins

Deputy Jim Elkins