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Logan County Government


Logan County Courthouse in Paris

Logan County Courthouse, Northern District, in Paris.  Built in 1908.

Logan County Courthouse in Booneville

Logan County Courthouse, Southern District, in Booneville.  Built in 1929.

Logan County government consists of eight elected executive officers and a countywide elected legislative body call the Quorum Court.  Each of the eight elected executive officers are independent of each other and consists of the county judge, sheriff, county clerk, circuit clerk, collector, assessor, treasurer, and coroner.  The executive officers are elected every four years.  The Logan County, Arkansas government website is and you can find announcements like burn bans, inclement weather closings, etc. on the website.

County Judge: chief executive of the county (like a city mayor), authorizes the disbursement of all county funds, operates the system of county roads, serves on various boards, presides over the Quorum Court, superintendent over all county property and buildings, and supervises the Road Department, Logan County Emergency Medical Services (E.M.S. ambulances), and the Office of Emergency Management. County Judge Ray Gack: 479-963-3601 and 479-675-3744.

County Sheriff: chief law enforcement officer in the county, maintains public peace, enforces and investigates criminal and traffic violations, has custody of the county jail, bailiffs circuit court, serves civil papers, and transports prisoners. Sheriff Jason Massey: 479-963-3271 and 479-675-3718.

County Clerk: bookkeeper of county government, keeps county payroll, keeps accurate account of financial transactions and money spent for the county, issues all county payroll checks and reimbursements, serves as the clerk in probate court (wills, guardianships, adoptions, etc.), issues marriage licenses, maintains voter registration, and is responsible for elections and ballots. County Clerk Peggy Fitzjurls: 479-963-2618 and 479-675-2951.

Circuit Clerk: clerk of circuit court and juvenile court, maintains court records, prepares summons, warrants and orders, responsible for jury rolls and summons, and records deeds, mortgages, commissions, liens, and surety bonds. Circuit Clerk April Hice: 479-963-2161 and 479-675-2894.

County Collector: collects personal and real property taxes, collects municipal, county, school, and improvement district taxes, turns over all tax collections to the county treasurer, and prepares a list of taxpayers considered delinquent. County Collector Brittany Porter: 479-963-2038 and 479-675-5131.

County Assessor: appraises and assesses all real and personal property in the county, makes an abstract of assessment showing the total assessed value of the county, and maintains current appraisal and assessment records by securing necessary filed data and making changes in valuations as they occur in land use and improvements. County Assessor Shannon Cotton: 479-963-2716 and 479-675-3942.

County Treasurer: responsible for the custody and disbursement of all county funds and school district funds, receives and accounts for all funds received by the county, distributes funds to the various taxing entities and to the other county offices, and keeps a detailed and accurate account of all receipts and disbursements and makes a monthly financial report to the Quorum Court. County Treasurer Lori Krepps: 479-963-2520.

County Coroner: investigates and determines the cause of death of all deaths in Logan County with the assistance of law enforcement and the state medical examiner's office, transports and stores bodies, and creates reports on each death.  This is a part-time position but is on-call at all times.  County Coroner Blake Schluterman: 479-963-6188.

Quorum Court: the legislative body of county government and is comprised of eleven elected Justices of the Peace.  The term "Justice of the Peace" is a very old term and is confusing but these positions are actually county representative positions just like a city council member.  Logan County is divided into eleven districts based on population and a Justice of the Peace is elected for each district.  The Quorum Court meets each month, reviews and passes ordinances, determines and approves the budgets for the county and for each elected county official, determines the number and positions of county employees, determines salaries for all county employees, and determines county employee personnel policies.  The Quorum Court is like a city council or state legislative assembly except that it is for county government.  Justices of the Peace are elected every two years.  Justices of the Peace: District 1 - Charles Sparks, District 2 - Gary Rhinehart, District 3 - Michael Schluterman, District 4 - Joyce Koch, District 5 - Bill Wright, District 6 - Jeff O'Neal, District 7 - Donald Keezer, District 8 - Ronnie Scott, District 9 - Phillip Blankenship, District 10 - Jeannie Andrews, and District 11 - Dottie Williams.