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Sex Offender Information

To see the sex offenders in our county, please click here.  Some sex offenders may not be listed listed due to their low level.

In Arkansas, when a person is convicted of a crime in which they have to register as a sex offender, or they are a sex offender in another state and move to Arkansas, they must be assessed by the Arkansas Department of Corrections to determine their level of danger to the public.  Level 1 is the lowest level and Level 4 is the highest level and are considered sexually dangerous persons.

While most law enforcement jurisdictions check whether their sex offenders are compliant once per year, the Logan County Sheriff's Office considers sex offenders living within our county a very serious matter so we have established a policy where our deputies check ALL Level 4, Level 3, and the most serious of Level 2 sex offenders EVERY MONTH and our deputies check the lower Level 2 and the Level 1 sex offenders every three months.