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Reserve and Part-Time Deputy Division

Reserve and part-time deputies provide valuable assistance to the Logan County Sheriff's Office and serve in all types of positions within our agency. 

Reserve deputies are volunteers who normally are retired or have full-time jobs and are dedicated to assisting our agency with their time.  Since they are volunteers, they can work as many hours as they want per week.

Part-time deputies are paid and work up to 19 hours a week.

Our reserve and part-time deputies assist in all of the divisions at the Sheriff's Office.  Some work their primary hours as court bailiffs while others work their primary hours in the Patrol Division.  Sometimes they work as an investigator in C.I.D.  They help out in the Detention Center when needed.  They are a valuable resource and have saved our county in both time and money.

To be a reserve or part-time deputy, a person must be at least 21-years old, complete a background check by one of our criminal investigators, and complete psychological and physical examinations.  After those are completed, they must complete the state-required Part-Time/Auxiliary Law Enforcement Course that is over 120 hours long which includes about 80 hours of online classes through the state standards website and with the rest of the hours in classroom study and at practical exercises at the Sheriff's Office.  These practical exercises include firearms and range training, TASER and O.C. spray certifications, traffic stops and answering calls scenarios, etc.  Once completed, reserve and part-time deputies are sworn-in and have the same law enforcement powers as a full-time deputy.  After being sworn-in, they must also complete a field training program supervised by the Patrol Sergeants.

Photo of Deputy Gene Kirby

Deputy Gene Kirby, L.C. 21, Judicial and Patrol

Photo of Ken Glenn

Deputy Ken Glenn, L.C. 22, School Resource Officer

Deputy Lance Tharel

Deputy Lance Tharel, L.C. 23, Judicial

Deputy Doug Webb

Deputy Doug Webb, L.C. 24, Judicial

Photo of Deputy Dave Hill

Deputy Dave Hill, L.C. 25, Patrol

Photo of Deputy J.R. Mashek

Deputy J.R. Mashek, L.C. 26, Patrol

Photo of Lane Mathews

Deputy Lane Mathews, L.C. 27, Patrol

Photo of Eli Bennett

Deputy Eli Bennett, L.C. 28, Patrol



Photo of Deputy Scotty Walker

Deputy Scotty Walker, L.C. 30, Patrol

Photo of Deputy Rickey Casey

Deputy Rickey Casey, L.C. 31, Transport

Photo of Deputy Lisa Casey

Deputy Lisa Casey, L.C. 32, Transport