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Court Information

Logan County Courthouse in Paris

Logan County Courthouse, Northern District, in Paris.  Built in 1908.

Logan County Courthouse in Booneville

Logan County Courthouse, Southern District, in Booneville.  Built in 1929.

Logan County has two county seats, Booneville and Paris, and has two separate court systems that meet in those county seats.  There are courtrooms in the Logan County Courthouse in Booneville, the Logan County Courthouse in Paris, and at the Logan County Sheriff's Office and Detention Center in Paris.  At this time, most of the court in Paris is all at the courtroom in the Sheriff's Office and Detention Center and except for jury trials. 

Circuit Court: There are three circuit court judges and they hear felony criminal cases, divorces, land disputes, juvenile cases, contract cases, etc.  The circuit judges have four counties in the 15th Judicial District that they go between: Logan, Scott, Yell, and Conway Counties.  For information on circuit court cases, call the Logan County Circuit Clerk's Office at 479-963-2164 in Paris and at 479-675-2894 in Booneville.  The Circuit Clerk's Offices are on the first floor at each of the two courthouses.

District Court: District Judge Brian Mueller hears misdemeanors, traffic offenses, and small claims cases.  He also hears cases in Yell and Conway Counties.  District Court is usually on Tuesdays in Paris and Thursdays in Booneville (except on the 1st Thursday in Booneville).  The Northern Logan County District Court Clerk's office is on the second floor of the courthouse in Paris and their number is 479-963-3792 and the Southern Logan County District Court Clerk's office is at 461 East 5th Street in Booneville and their office number is 479-675-4929.