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Dispatch Division

911 Dispatch Logo Radio Tower at the Sheriff's Office

Dispatchers complete a 128-hour telecommunications course and on-the-job training.  The Dispatch Division answers all 911 calls for Logan County and dispatches calls for service for the Sheriff's Office, Logan County Emergency Medical Service ambulances, seventeen rural fire departments, and the Logan County All Hazards Team.  They are very busy and at times are answering multiple cell phone calls for an incident while dispatching multiple jurisdictions to the events, having to give information and updates to all of the jurisdictions involved, and having to enter this information into our computer system.  They often have to listen to very tragic and harmful events on the phone while trying to dispatch the proper emergency personnel to those events.  They answer calls from people who are distressed, panicked, suicidal, or are mentally ill.  Dispatchers are skilled telecommunicator operators and are patient and sympathetic when speaking with callers who need help.

911 Director Nita Roper supervises Dispatch Supervisor Marlena Hyatt and the six other full-time dispatchers and several part-time dispatchers.  Director Roper also handles 911 mapping for Logan County.  

Photo of 911 Director Nita Roper

911 Director Nita Roper

Photo of Dispatch Supervisor Marlena Hyatt

Dispatch Supervisor Marlena Hyatt