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Detention Center Inmate Information

Logan County Sheriff's Office and Detention Center Front

The Logan County Sheriff's Office and Detention Center is located at 201 South Lowder Street in Paris, Arkansas.  You can reach us by phone at 479-963-3271, ext. 1.

Inmate Accounts and Video Visitation: If you want to add money to an inmate's account or create an account for video visitation where you do not have to come to the Detention Center to visit, click here.

List of Inmates and those Arrested: To see a list of current inmates or people recently arrested, please click here.

Inmate Visitation: Inmate visitation is Wednesdays and Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Visitation is scheduled by the inmate through our video visitation system.  We do not schedule the visitation, it is only done by the inmate (we get a lot of calls about this but it is the inmate's responsibility to set up the visitations through the kiosks in their cellblocks).  You can call 479-963-3271, ext. 1, at the morning of the visitation to confirm you are on the list.  Visitation is not in-person and is through video kiosks that are in a room off our front lobby so park in front and go through the lobby doors.  Once you arrive, follow the hallway all of the way down to the second window.  All visitors will be run through the Arkansas Crime Information Center.  Visitation is monitored and any inappropriate conduct will lead to termination of the visit.  Visits are normally 10 to 15 minutes.  

Inmate Items: We do not accept any items for inmates except for prescription medication and prescription glasses.  No clothing, food, books, etc.

Bonding or Releasing Inmates: If you are bonding out an inmate or picking up an inmate who was released, you will need to go to the door at back of our building.  Below is a photograph of the back of the detention center as you enter our facility grounds.  The inmate release door is near the garage door to the right in the shadows of the photograph.  A white sign is over the door but it is hard to see in the photo.  To get to the front lobby, you have to drive to the right around the building.

Back of the Detention Center.

The inmate bonding and release door is in the shadow on the photo to the right of the garage (sally port) door.  Park in the parking lot by the door.

Contraband: If any contraband is found in an inmate's incoming mail, Detention Staff will seize it.  Efforts will be made to identify the person who sent the contraband. Dangerous or serious contraband will be turned over to the Logan County Sheriff's Office criminal investigators for investigation.

Introducing contraband into a correctional facility (through the mail or by any other means), is a Class C Felony. Such activity or suspected activity will be investigated for criminal prosecution.