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Patrol Division

Deputy Vehicle at the Magazine Flag Mural

The Patrol Division provides traffic and criminal enforcement, answers dispatched calls, patrols county school zones, assists in search and rescue operations, serves warrants and civil papers, and assists the local police departments.  Logan County is 732 square miles and the Patrol Division covers a lot of roads from the peak of Mount Magazine (the tallest mountain in Arkansas) to the bottomlands at the Arkansas River.

The Sheriff's Office divides Logan County into two patrol districts, Northern and Southern.  Deputies are assigned to each district ensuring both sides of the county are covered.  The Patrol Division maintains 24-hour coverage for Logan County.  Even though the Sheriff's Office has county-wide jurisdiction including in the cities, the Patrol Division's primary jurisdiction is in the unincorporated areas of Logan County while the Booneville and Paris Police Departments cover their municipal boundaries.  The Patrol Division and the local police departments assist each other out on calls in their respective jurisdictions.

The Patrol Division consists of two Patrol Sergeants, six Patrol Deputies, and one Civil Process Deputy.  The Patrol Division is supervised by Chief Deputy Joshua Scott.

Chief Deputy Joshua Scott

Chief Deputy Joshua Scott, L.C. 2

Photo of Sergeant Charly Moua

Sergeant Charly Moua, L.C. 4

Sergeant Mark Walker

Sergeant Mark Walker, L.C. 6

Photo of Jim Linder

Patrol Deputy Jim Linder, L.C. 8

Deputy Arnaldo Caraballo

Patrol Deputy Arnaldo Caraballo, L.C. 9

Photo of Deputy Domenic Helms

Patrol Deputy Domenic Helms, L.C. 10

Photo of Caleb Hyatt

Patrol Deputy Caleb Hyatt, L.C. 11

Deputy Clayton Dodson

Patrol Deputy Clayton Dodson, L.C. 12

Photo of Jasper Franklin

Patrol Deputy Jasper Franklin, L.C. 13



Deputy Charlie Edmonson

Civil Process & Patrol Deputy Charlie Edmonson, L.C. 14