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New Sex Offender Module for our Website


Screenshot of Sex Offender page


We have a new interactive Sex Offender module for our website at  This year, the Arkansas State Legislature passed Act 37 which amends the Sex Offender Registry to now include the disclosure of addresses for Level 4 and 3 sex offenders and what is considered a "high" Level 2 sex offenders.


So, our new module allows you to see the addresses instead of just the block numbers for the Level 4, 3, and the "high" Level 2 sex offenders.  When you go to and click on the "Sex Offender" tab in the middle of the page and then go through the disclaimer page, you will see a map of Logan County with location pins for the sex offenders.  Red pins are Level 4 sex offenders which is the most serious classification.  Yellow is Level 3, green is "high" Level 2, and blue is for sex offenders who have not yet been assessed and given a level.  Below the map, the names are listed in the color that shows their level.  You can click on the pins or the names to get more information on the sex offender.  Below the names, is an explanation of the classification levels and the colors.


Level 4 sex offenders are considered sexually dangerous persons and have a high chance of repeating their conduct.  Level 3 sex offenders are also considered high level and have patterns of conduct that lead to a probability of re-offending.  On Level 2 sex offenders, the statute makes a distinction in this classification and allows for the publishing of the address for those Level 2 sex offenders who were 18 years or older and committed an act with someone 14 years or younger.  We call them "high" Level 2 sex offenders.  The "low" Level 2 sex offenders and the Level 1 sex offenders do not have their addresses published


The Arkansas Legislature stated in the Emergency Clause for Act 37: It is found and determined by the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas that the purpose of the sex offender registry is to give citizens the information that they need to protect themselves and their loved ones from dangerous sex offenders; the information in the sex offender registry is currently incomplete, resulting in citizens of this state living in danger; that providing complete information on dangerous sex offenders is necessary to ensure the citizens of this state can protect themselves and their loved ones; that every day, citizens of this state make decisions about where to live, work, play, and carry on other activities that potentially bring them into contact with dangerous sex offenders without their having the complete information to ensure their safety; and that this act is immediately necessary to ensure the protection of citizens of this state from dangerous sex offenders.


I included the Emergency Clause in this post to show that our state legislators are listening to the public and are passing laws to protect the public by allowing us to see the sex offenders who live nearby and what kind of dangers they may impose.