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Office Manager and Clerk Hired


A big congratulations to LeAnna Jones for her promotion to Office Manager!!  Our previous Office Manager, Debbie Fischer, retired at the end of December and LeAnna was promoted to her position.  LeAnna worked as our clerk at our Southern District Sheriff's Office in Booneville at 461 East Fifth Street (brick building behind the Booneville Police Department) where she took fines and payments and attended circuit and district court at the courthouse in Booneville.  LeAnna has worked for the Sheriff's Office in the Booneville office since 2016.  She is now at the Sheriff's Office and Detention Center in Paris and supervises our clerks in Paris and in Booneville.  She also works as our evidence custodian and manages purchasing and personnel matters.  With her promotion, this left an opening in the Southern District office:


A big congratulations to Paula Roberts for being hired as our clerk in the Southern District Sheriff's Office!!  She is a Logan County resident and previously worked at a District Court Clerk's Office in a neighboring county so she has a lot of work experience in this field.  We are very glad to have her as a part of our team!


Photo of LeAnna Jones

Office Manager LeAnna Jones

Photo of Paula Roberts

Southern Office Clerk Paula Roberts