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Four Arrested in a Criminal Spree Involving Theft, Armed Robbery, Burglary, etc. from Fort Smith to Little Rock


On November 1st, Logan County Sheriff's Office Deputy Jerry Wharton pursued a stolen silver 2021 Dodge 3500 dually truck and the truck wrecked at Airport Industrial Road and Schouweiler Lane near the Paris Airport. Four males ran from the vehicle and Deputy Wharton arrested one of them, Ryan Capo, 19, of Paris. The other three ran across a field and were caught and arrested by Sheriff Jason Massey. One of the suspects, Dallas Heiman, 21, had a Glock firearm in his hand when arrested. This firearm was earlier stolen from Fort Smith. The other two suspects are juveniles, 15 and 16 years of age, both from Paris. The 2021 Dodge truck was stolen out of Russellville and we found an AR-15 assault rifle and an SKS assault rifle in the stolen truck and both of those weapons were stolen the night before at a burglary of S&L Pawn Shop in Russellville. Logan County Sheriff's Office Investigator Albert Brown processed the stolen truck along with Investigator Howard Bates and Paris Police Lieutenant Jared Petz.
Upon further investigation, this incident started with a Toyota Camry stolen from Paris on October 30th. The vehicle was driven to Fort Smith and was involved in several break-ins there and the Glock mentioned above was stolen during that time. That Camry was abandoned in Fort Smith and a Land Rover was stolen. It was driven to Russellville where the burglary of the pawn shop happened. They went to Morrilton next and attempted to break in another pawn shop but failed. They drove to Little Rock and dumped the Land Rover there along with a handgun that had been stolen from a pawn shop in Paris a month ago. They stole a Suburban in Little Rock and it is alleged that one of the four suspects, Dallas Heiman robbed a gas station on Arch Street south of Little Rock. Shots were fired between the clerk and the suspect. The four suspects drove the Suburban to Russellville and stole the 2021 Dodge 3500 at a gas station. They drove across the Arkansas River and dumped the Suburban. They drove to Logan County and dumped the truck box that was in the back of the Dodge 3500 at a business in Delaware and then almost ran the business owner over when he confronted them. The owner called the Sheriff's Office and told us about it and Deputy Wharton saw the silver dually truck near the airport in Paris and that is when the pursuit happened and we caught all four.
We are working with the Paris Police Department, the Russellville Police Department, the Fort Smith Police Department, the Morrilton Police Department, the Little Rock Police Department, the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office, and the Dardanelle Police Department to determine charges in each of the jurisdictions.
Dallas Heiman and Ryan Capo are being held at the Logan County Detention Center and the two juveniles are being held at the Yell County Juvenile Detention Center.
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