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Recent Arrests




On June 6, 2022, Logan County Sheriff's Office investigators went to a residence on Carter Lane near Subiaco looking for Timmy "TJ" Pettigrew, 32, of Paris, since he had a felony warrant.  He was located in the residence and arrested.  A Honda Foreman four-wheeler was found behind the home and the investigators found out that the four-wheeler was stolen from residence in the City of Paris.  Metal racks from the four-wheeler were found in a shop behind the house.  The four-wheeler was transported back to Paris and recovered by the owner and TJ Pettigrew was transported to the Logan County Detention Center and booked in on the felony parole warrant and the anticipated charge of theft by receiving.



On June 14, 2022, the Booneville Police Department received a call about someone trying to pass a fraudulent check at a bank.  After the bank did not accept the check, the person walked over to a gas station and got into a maroon Dodge Challenger.  An Arkansas State Trooper and two Booneville police officers went to the scene.  When they activated their emergency lights, the Dodge Challenger took off east bound on State Highway 10.  The state trooper and Booneville police officers pursued the Challenger eastbound on State Highway 10 to Magazine.  A Logan County Sheriff's Office deputy then joined the pursuit.  The driver of the Challenger was driving at speeds of well over 100 mph and almost hit several vehicles head-on.  The state trooper then performed a P.I.T. maneuver east of Magazine to stop the vehicle.  The Challenger spun off the highway and hit a tree.  The vehicle caught fire and all three occupants of the vehicle exited the Challenger and were taken into custody.  The Magazine and Blue Mountain Fire Departments were called to put out the fire.  The three occupants of the vehicles were all taken to different hospitals.  They have all since been released and are in custody at the Logan County Detention Center.  Devonte Davis, 29, of Little Rock, was booked in on the anticipated charges of Fleeing, Battery in the First Degree x2 (for causing injury to the others in the vehicle by fleeing from law enforcement), Reckless Driving, and Forgery in the First Degree.  He is also on parole and may be soon transferred to another facility.  Ernest Pritchard, 29, and Phillip Welch, 61, both of Little Rock, were booked in on the anticipated charge of Forgery in the First Degree.



Also, on June 14, 2022, Deputy Charly Moua observed with his radar a pickup truck traveling at a 101 mph in a 40-mph zone on Elkins Road near Magazine.  Deputy Moua conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and the driver, Nathan Rios, 29, of Ratcliff, had a suspended driver's license due to a previous D.W.I. conviction.  Also, he was required to have an ignition interlock device in his truck due to the D.W.I. conviction and he did not have one.   He did not have insurance for his vehicle and had a misdemeanor warrant out of the City of Booneville.  He had alcoholic beverages in his vehicle but passed the field sobriety tests.  Nathan was arrested and his truck was towed.  He was transported to the Logan County Detention Center and booked in on the Booneville warrant and on the anticipated charges of Reckless Driving, Speeding, No Vehicle Insurance, Driving with Driver's License Suspended for D.W.I., Drinking in Public, Failure to Use Turn Signal, and Ignition Interlock Offenses.

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