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Detention Center Compliance Report


The Logan County Sheriff's Office received our 2021 Annual Report from the Arkansas Department of Corrections, Criminal Detention Facilities Review Committee who inspect all of the county and city jails in Arkansas.  We are in compliance with all of the 75 mandatory requirements.  These include requirements such as making sure all Detention officers complete the Jailer School, proper facility key control, having an up-to-date policy manual, having proper medical care and medical records, having a clean and sanitary facility, conducting cell checks in a proper and timely manner, food menu approved by a dietician, clean kitchen, etc.  It is a very lengthy checklist and even with a newer a facility, we must stay on top of it to ensure the safety of our staff and inmates and to maintain and care for our very nice facility.

In the Overview section, the report states: "The agency works to provide positive programming and support services.  The site has a chaplain, addiction support, GED programs (one inmate recently obtained a GED) and more.  The Review Committee commends the site, in terms of support and positive programming.  These efforts can make a positive impact on the facility, the community, families, and more.  The Review Committee applauds the agency and county, as they move forward.  The professional staff oversees a clean site."

We are very proud of this assessment and our Detention staff works very hard in the custody and care of our county jail.

Criminal Detention Facilities Review Committee Image from Their Website