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Paris Area Chamber of Commerce Banquet


Paris Area Chamber Awards Banquet
On Saturday, February 5th, the Paris Area Chamber of Commerce had their banquet for the 2021 community award winners. These award winners are nominated by the community and chosen by the Chamber Board. One of the awards is the Law Enforcement Person of the Year award. For the first time since I have been here in Logan County, the award went to a detention officer instead of a police officer or deputy sheriff. This is a great recognition on how our detention officers work to keep our community safe. They are usually behind-the-scenes and are not thought about since the deputies and police officers are seen around the community more so this recognition is extra special.
The award was given to Audrey Curtis who worked very hard in the Logan County Detention Center, was an example to others, was very reliable, and treated everyone around her, including the inmates, professionally. Anytime she saw something that can be improved she spoke with her Detention sergeant about it so it could be run up the chain of command. She was instrumental in helping with the Haunted Hayride which raised thousands of dollars for the Shop with a Cop program. Congratulations Audrey!!
Kelly Kitson, the pastor at the Paris Christian Center, was also recognized that evening as the Humanitarian of the Year for her work in the community in providing meals to seniors and those in need. She is involved in many charitable endeavors in Paris and North Logan County. She is also the volunteer Senior Chaplain at the Logan County Sheriff's Office and Detention Center who organizes our chaplain and recovery services in the Detention Center. Congratulations Kellie!!
Shane Molton received the Volunteer of the Year award. He is not associated with our agency but he works for the Logan County Emergency Medical Services and volunteers for the Corley Mountain Fire Department so he is someone we have constant contact with. Congratulations Shane!!
The Chamber handed out other awards but one award was given for something that is very close to a law enforcement officer's heart: food. The Restaurant of the Year award went to Kenny and Lisa Vines for The Grapevine Restaurant. This awesome, landmark restaurant closed after 30 years at the end of 2021 as Kenny and Lisa retired. The Sheriff's Office employees have many memories of eating lunch there as a group and sharing fellowship. We will miss the Vines and their restaurant and we congratulate them on their retirement!!
Thanks to Jim Best for the photos.

Photo of Audrey Curtis, Law Enforcement Person of the Year

Audrey Curtis, 2021 Law Enforcement Person of the Year

Photo of Kellie Kitson, Humanitarian of the Year

Kellie Kitson, 2021 Humanitarian of the Year

Photo of Shane Molton and Family for Volunteer of the Year

Shane Molton, 2021 Volunteer of the Year

Photo of Lisa and Kenny Vines, Restaurant of the Year for the The Graevine

Lisa and Kenny Vines, 2021 Restaurant of the Year