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Recent Arrests


LCSO Recent Arrests Graphic

On January 19, 2022, investigators from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and Charleston Police Department came to Logan County during their investigation into some burglaries at a residence on State Highway 41 in Franklin County.  Some of the suspects were captured on camera and they arrested one of them, Brian Miller, 44, who lives near Booneville.  They obtained a search warrant for a house on Dena Street in Booneville and the Logan County Sheriff's Office, Booneville Police Department, and Probation and Parole assisted them in the execution of the warrant.  They found a large amount of the stolen items at the house and arrested James Fleming, 50, and he was transported to the Franklin County Detention Center.  Another person in the photo from the burglary was recognized as Trista Norris, who lives on Jack Creek Road and who is on parole.  Investigators from all of the agencies went to her home and found more of the stolen items.  Our investigators found drug paraphernalia in the home that is suspected to be used for methamphetamines.  The items were field tested and showed a positive result for methamphetamine.  They were seized and will be sent to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory.  Trista was arrested by the Franklin County investigators and transported to their Detention Center.  Our investigators will seek a warrant for her on the charges in Logan County.  Next, they went to Brian Miller's residence on Coulter Mountain Road near Booneville and they found more stolen items there.  All of the stolen items were seized.  All three of the subjects will face charges in Franklin County for the burglaries of the home and theft of the items. 


On January 18, 2022, the Logan County Sheriff's Office received a call about a man attempting to steal a truck at a residence on West State Highway 10.  When Deputy Clayton Dodson and Investigator Albert Brown arrived, they found the man, James Boman, 47, of Waldron, at a neighboring residence.  When he was asked about the truck, he said he was just going to borrow it, drive to Fort Smith and buy him a truck at Randall Ford, and bring the other truck back.  James was arrested, transported to the Logan County Detention Center, and booked in on the anticipated charges of Breaking or Entering and Criminal Trespass.  The Sheriff's Office then received a call that a resident who lives nearby on West State Highway 10 came home and found their back door kicked open and items inside the residence had been gone through.  Investigator Brown processed the scene and later interviewed James at the Detention Center.  He admitted to the burglary and Investigator Brown added the anticipated charge of Residential Burglary to his other charges.