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August 14th - The Sheriff's Office now has an official Facebook page. We will use this page for current events, news, updates, warnings, and other information. Log into your Facebook account and type "Logan County Sheriff's Office" in the search line. Since there are other LCSO agencies in different states, look for the LCSO with the badge emblem like the one on this page. Click the "Like" button and you will receive information from us on your Facebook page.


July 30th – Mark A. Wimbush, a Level 4 sex offender (sexually violent predator), is moving to 422 State Highway 393 in the Morrison Bluff area. He was convicted of sexual abuse in the first degree in 1995 and sexual assault in the second degree in 2003. The convictions involve sexual contact with a 3 year-old female and a 7 year-old female and solicitation of young females. He is a black male, 5”09, and 110 pounds. Sex offender notifications will be handed out in the area around the sex offender’s residence. This is notification only and the sex offender is not wanted by law enforcement.


June 13th - We have received several complaints of scams involving the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. Residents are receiving calls from someone claiming they represent the Publishers Clearing House and the resident has won some sort of prize (money, cars, ATVs, etc.) and that in order to receive the prize, the resident has to send money to the caller for taxes, transfer fees, or some other excuse. This is a scam. The Publishers Clearing House does require any money for their prizes because they are free. Anytime someone calls you, emails you, faxes you, tweets you, Facebook messages you, or communicates to you by any means and says you must pay money to receive a prize, or get a relative out of jail, or get your Nigerian royal inheritance, it is usually a scam. Remember, your personal information is available online and if someone calls you and tells you they are from your bank or your daughter is in jail in Lake Village and they know her name and what city she lives, this does not mean they are who they say there are because they have this information. Always do follow-up calls to your bank, credit card company, police department, jail, etc. to make sure that you are receiving the truth. There are bad people out there who want to steal your money and they will use false claims of tornado relief, flood relief, school shooting help, and any type of sympathy to gain your trust to send them money. Please be very careful and make sure that you are sending your money to legitimate companies and relief organizations.


May 14th - A black male, identified as Joe Stapleton, 33, of Paris, was found dead in the front yard of his house on North Fifth Street in the unincorporated area of Logan County north of Paris. He was found by two area residents who stopped by to feed some dogs. The body appeared to have blunt trauma to several parts of the body. A search warrant was obtained. Crime scene technicians processed the scene and collected evidence and the body was sent to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory. This investigation is treated as a homicide investigation. Anyone with information please call the Sheriff’s Office at (479) 963-3271.


May 14th – Please be aware of scams involving people coming to your house and performing home improvement work such as roof repair, asphalt repair, painting your roof, and other types of work. We have had complaints of out-of-state people coming to homes and performing substandard and sloppy work and then leaving without leaving identification or a means to contact them. They usually drive around looking for the elderly. When you have work done on your home, get a referral from someone or check into the company. Make sure they are insured to cover any damage. Look for signs and addresses on their trucks and on any receipts or handouts they have. Just remember: if someone does work on your home and it is substandard or sloppy and you find out after they leave, are you going to be able to contact them? Do you know where their business is located? Are they covered by insurance for your protection?


March 7th – All three suspects have been arrested in the alleged aggravated robbery that happened on January 31st in the Six Mile Road area north of Booneville. Ethan Lovelace, 21, of Magazine, Tara Vaughn, 33, of Paris, and Haskal Swanson, 23, of Paris, have been served with warrants for this incident. Lovelace is in the Sebastian County Jail and Vaughn and Swanson are the Logan County Jail. The three suspects are alleged to have went to Lovelace’s mother’s house on Magnolia Drive off Six Mile Road and robbed two adults and one five year-old child at gunpoint. The victims were staying as guests at the house. The three suspects took the female adult victim’s cancer medication and her cell phone. Lovelace is alleged to have carried a sawed-off, double-barreled shotgun and threatened to shoot all three victims, even the five year-old child. Vaughn and Swanson are alleged to have assisted Ethan in the robbery and entered the house with him. Lovelace was arrested a few days after this incident in Fort Smith and faces other charges there as well as the Logan County charges. The other two were picked up recently.


March 7th – The Yell County Sheriff’s Office just informed us that Richard Lawrence Rogers, a Level 4 sex offender, has moved to 10342 Klondyke Road on the Yell County side of the Blue Mountain area. A Level 4 sex offender is considered a sexually violent predator. The Yell County and Logan County Sheriff’s Offices will be handing out sex offender notifications in the Blue Mountain area. Richard Rogers is a 60 year-old white male who sexually assaulted a 13 year-old child in 1984 in Illinois and was sent to prison for this crime. He was also convicted of several sexual offenses involving an 8 year-old victim and a 12 year-old victim prior to the conviction from the 1984 incident. Please note that this is a notification only and he is not wanted by law enforcement and this information is not to be used to threaten or harass the offender.


November 19th - On November 10th, a hunter found a skull and some bones near the area on Short Mountain Road where Marvin Hixson, 54, of Paris went missing in May of 2010. The bones were collected by an investigator from the Sheriff's Office and sent to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory. A forensic examiner used dental records to identify the skull as belonging to Marvin Hixson. Sheriff Steve Smith thanks Dr. Thomas Spivey's Office for providing the dental records for identification.


October 26th - Arbury Bowerman was put on trial for aggravated robbery, residential burglary, battery in the first degree, and theft of property in an incident that happened on August 28, 2011 where several mask men entered the house of Larry Brown on Greasy Valley Road and robbed him and his family at gunpoint. Bowerman was linked to the scene due to DNA evidence after Larry bit off a piece of his hand during the struggle. The jury convicted Arbury of aggravated robbery, residential burglary, and the reduced offense of battery in the third degree. He was acquitted of the theft offense. Aggravated robbery is a Class Y felony (the highest class) and is punishable by 10 to 40 years to life. The jury recommended a sentence of 45 years on the robbery, 40 years on the burglary, and 1 year on the battery. The sentences will run same and since aggravated robbery is Class Y felony, Arbury will have to serve 70% of the sentence before eligible for parole.


October 12th – On September 28th, a member of Helen Valentine’s family reported her as missing. Helen was last seen on September 17th in Paris. Helen is 45 years-old, white, 5-5, 120 lbs., brown eyes, brown hair, and has a tattoo of a rose on her ankle and her right shoulder. She was last seen wearing a black sleeveless shirt, dark shorts, flip-flops, and carrying a small backpack/purse. If you have any information, please call the Sheriff’s Office at 963-3271 or the Paris Police Department at 963-2600.


August 20th - Investigators from the Sheriff’s Office went to a house at 424 Cox Valley Road after receiving information that a stolen vehicle was located there. They found a 2009 GMC 2500 HD Z71 pick-up truck that was stolen out of Fort Smith at the residence. The investigators arrested William Strickland, 30, for being in possession of the truck. William is on parole and was recently released from the Arkansas Department of Corrections. William was living on a camper located near the house and during the same time the investigators were with William, another deputy took a report of a stolen camper from a person in Ratcliff. This stolen camper turned out to be the same camper that William was living in. Upon search of the camper, a pistol stolen from Van Buren, drugs, drug paraphernalia, a stolen laptop computer, and other stolen items were found in the camper. Alexandrea Keenan, 21, was also in the camper and she was arrested. She is on probation. Both suspects were transported to the Logan County Jail. Officers from the Probation and Parole Office assisted in the arrests.


July 6th - On July 2nd, a burglary was reported at a house on Curry Road and a 1947 Willys jeep, silverware, tools, money, and other items were reported stolen. On July 9th, Investigators Ray Gack and Jason Massey discovered that most of the property had been taken to a house near Spiro, Oklahoma. The investigators contacted the LeFlore County Sheriff’s Office and LeFlore County Sheriff Bruce Curnutt and several of his deputies met with Investigators Gack and Massey and they went to the house which is located on Travis Lane near Spiro. They recovered the 1947 Willys jeep, the silverware, and some of the tools. A search warrant was obtained and they also found a four-wheeler that was stolen out of Scott County and a four-wheeler, motorcycle, trailer, and other items stolen out of Fort Smith. In the house, they found numerous guns and approximately $4,000.00 in crystal ice methamphetamine. Curtis Atkins, 47, who lives at the residence, attempted to flee and he was tazed and taken into custody. He was transported to the LeFlore County Jail. It is anticipated that warrants will be issued for several Logan County residents who were involved in the burglary at Curry Road.


June 25th - The Logan County Sheriff’s Office would like to notify the community of a sex offender that is in the Booneville area, but reports that he is “homeless”. Roger Dale Flowers Jr. 34 of Booneville recently informed the Logan County Sheriff's Office that he no longer has a permanent residence. Flowers’ last reported permanent address was in Booneville. Flowers is a Level 3 (High) registered sex offender and was convicted of Sexual Assault in the 1st Degree. Flowers was arrested on June 22nd, for a misdemeanor non-payment of fines warrant in Logan County and as of Monday, June 25th, is in the Logan County Jail, but if released does not have a residence.

Further information about sex offender registration can be found @


May 23rd - On August 11th, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., there is an event for the families of missing persons at the Arkansas State Police Headquarters at 1 State Police Plaza, in southwest Little Rock (Geyer Springs exit off I-30). They are asking the families to bring any information on their missing loved one including police reports, photographs, and dental records. If possible, bring multiple family members for DNA swabbing. The event is called Never Forgotten, Arkansas Takes Action.


April 7th - On this date at 9:57 p.m.,Logan County deputies and Mt. Magazine State Park rangers were dispatched to the Mt. Magazine State Park in reference to an altercation between a husband and wife. When Deputy Jason Parsons arrived at the Visitor’s Center, he found the husband, Mitchell Webb, 52, of Sherwood, getting out of his truck. Mitchell smelled of intoxicants and admitted to drinking seven or eight beers. Mitchell said he and his wife had been in a fight and when he tried to leave, she stood in front of his truck. He went around her and hit a tree. He then left the cabin and drove to the Visitor’s Center where he called 911. There was damage to the front of the truck. Mitchell was placed in custody and taken to the cabin since the Sheriff’s Office had received a call that a woman was injured there. Deputy Parsons and a State Park ranger went to Mitchell’s cabin. They heard a female yelling from the neighboring cabin and they found Laura Webb, 46, of Sherwood, lying on the porch covered in a sheet. Laura is Mitchell’s wife. When the deputy removed the sheet, Laura was covered in blood from head to toe. Laura told Deputy Parsons that her husband ran over her twice. Deputy Parsons also noticed two pools of blood in the driveway and a cell phone, glasses, and a pair of shoes. There was also damage to a tree. Laura was airlifted by helicopter to a hospital in Fort Smith. Lead Investigator Ray Gack later arrived at the scene and processed it for evidence. Mitchell made the statement that he did not remember or know whether he ran over his wife when he was leaving. Mitchell was taken to a local hospital where a blood sample was taken and then transported to the Logan County Jail. Mitchell bonded out on Tuesday, April 10th. Mitchell has been charged with domestic battering in the first degree, a Class B felony, punishable by five to twenty years in prison and a fine not exceeding $15,000.00. Laura is in an intensive care unit in a Fort Smith hospital and is in serious but stable condition.


April 9th - On this date, the Logan County Emergency Dispatcher received a call from Vivian Lane, 59, of Paris, who stated that her husband, Marshall Lane, 73, of Paris, had been shot and that they were on State Highway 22 in front of the County Line Sale Barn. When the deputies arrived at the scene, they found that Marshall had been shot in the right side, through his stomach, and out the left side. The suspect, John D. Carl, Jr., 53, of Paris, was taken into custody and transported to the Logan County Jail. Marshall was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Fort Smith. Lead Investigator Ray Gack arrived and investigated the case. He found out that John is the brother of Vivian and the brother-in-law of Marshall and that they, along with Vivian and John’s mother, were transporting John to a mental facility in Fort Smith for treatment. Marshall was driving the car, John was in the passenger seat, and Vivian and her mother, Janice Prittz, 79, of Paris, were in the back seat. The car, a two-door Pontiac Grand Am, was owned by Janice. Janice kept a .38 caliber pistol in the console of the car. John took the gun from the console and shot Marshall in the right side. The bullet exited Marshall’s left side, hit the door panel, and fell into the rear floorboard. Marshall was able to get the gun away from John and he turned the car around and headed back towards Paris with the intent to drive to the hospital. They called 911 and stopped at the County Line Sale Barn to wait for an ambulance. John has a history of mental illness and is currently in the Logan County Jail awaiting bond. Formal charges have not been filed yet. Marshall is in serious but stable condition.


February 29th – We have had several identity theft cases reported to the Sheriff’s Office recently. Some of these cases are almost impossible to prevent. Many of the thieves get your financial information by hacking into the websites of financial companies or stores. The thieves are usually from another state or country and that makes it hard to prosecute. In our experience, the federal law enforcement authorities usually only take cases with a large dollar loss. We will investigate the cases to the best of our ability. Here are some suggestions in help deterring identity theft: First, check your credit report, banking account, and credit card statements frequently. Look for accounts and inquiries on the credit report that you had nothing to do with. Look for charges on your bank account or credit cards that you did not make.

Second, never give out your account information to someone who calls you. Always call the bank or other financial institution yourself with a number that you have so you know you are calling the correct number. A typical scheme is where someone calls you and says they are from your bank and they ask for your account information. Another scheme is where someone calls you and says a family member has been hurt and they need money or the person says they are a police officer and a family member is in jail and they need your account number.

Third, if you receive an e-mail from a bank or other financial institution, do not use the link provided on the e-mail. You should close the e-mail, go to your bank’s website, and then contact them to make sure the e-mail is legitimate. There is a scheme called phishing. This is when someone sends you an e-mail that looks to be from your bank. You click on the link provided in the e-mail and it takes you to a website that looks like your bank’s website. You then type in your account information and password and then the identity thieves have your information. Always go to your bank’s website directly and not through an e-mail.

Fourth, protect your information at home. Shred your statements that have account information on them. Mail your bills from a secure location such as a post office box. Do not leave mail unattended in your mailbox for a long period of time. Keep your checkbook and credit cards safe since the most common form of identity theft is for someone to steal your checkbook or credit card and then use it.


November 7th - Arbury "Buddy" Bowerman, 26, of Paris, has been arrested on a warrant for the armed robbery of a residence on Greasey Valley Road on August 28th. He was arrested by deputies from the Union County Sheriff's Office near El Dorado. He is charged with aggravated robbery, battery in the first degree, residential burglary, and theft of property. He has been transported to the Logan County Jail. Walter Dick, Jr., 28, from Paris but currently living in Pottsville, was arrested last week on a warrant for hindering apprehension or prosecution in regards to this case. He is currently in the Logan County Jail and more charges are anticipated against Walter. Earlier, Alexandrea Sing (Farnam), 20, of Scranton, was arrested on September 28th for hinder apprehension or prosecution in regard to this case. She is out on bond. More arrests are anticipated.


September 19th - Over the weekend, several subjects broke into B & B Plumbing and Hardware in Caulksville and stole a large amount of electrical wires. The wires were in all sorts of sizes including 2/0, 3/0, 12/2, 10/2, 6/2, 6/3, 8/2, and 8/3. The wires are on spools and most of the wires are black while others are yellow or orange. If you have any information on this, please call us at (479) 963-3271.


September 4th - At around 10:30 a.m., Carlton Hightower, Jr. and several other inmates were in the exercise yard at the Logan County Jail. They were able to remove some wiring from a support post for the chain link fence surrounding the yard. Hightower then crawled through the opening of the fence. There is a solid retaining wall surrounding the chain link fence. Hightower crawled up the chain link fence on the outside thereby avoiding the razor wire on top of the chain link fence. Hightower then crawled over the retaining wall and then left the jail heading east. City, county, state, and federal law enforcement officers assisted in the search. At 11:00 a.m., someone called the Sheriff’s Office and stated Hightower was seen in Grey Rock. Law enforcement officers circled the area and Hightower was located at 3:00 p.m. by a K-9 team from the Mansfield Juvenile Treatment Center. He was taken into custody and returned to the Logan County Jail. Carlton and the inmates who assisted him will soon be charged with the escape. The exercise yard fence is currently being repaired and strengthened.


August 28th - Early in morning on Sunday, August 28th, three armed men wearing dark clothes and ski masks entered a residence on Greasey Valley Road southwest of Subiaco. They demanded money and jewelry from the six people at the residence. One of the men had a Spiderman ski mask on and was wearing a camo jacket. The owner told them that his property was in a shed out back and two of the men went with him. When they did not find anything in the shed, the victim was beat with a handgun. The victim fought back and bit one of them on the hand removing a small piece of his flesh. The victim believed he bit the suspect somewhere on the meaty part of the palm of his hand. One of the suspects then cut the victim several times with a knife. The suspects then left the residence in a dark blue, short wheel-based pick-up truck. A deputy responding to the scene also saw a single-cab, dark blue or black Chevrolet pick-up truck. At the time, it was unknown to the deputy that the suspects had left so he did not pursue the truck. The piece of flesh and other evidence were recovered and will be sent to the Arkansas Crime Laboratory.

**If you have any information regarding this crime, please call the Sheriff’s Office at (479) 963-3271.


August 25th - On August 24th, Sheriff Smith wrote a search warrant for a house at 422 Ridgeview Road in Prairie View after finding negelected animals at the house on August 22nd. The search warrant was then executed at the residence and Sheriff Smith, deputies from the Sheriff's Office, the Humane Society employees, and the owner of the residence spent about three hours rounding up animals. They seized a total of fifty-nine dogs, six cats, one ferret, three birds, five rodents, and one pot-bellied pig. The animals were found inside and outside of the house. Some of the dogs were found on neighboring property. Each animal was photographed and inventoried at the scene. A copy of the search warrant and a list of the animals seized were given to the owner of the house. The animals were taken by the Humane Society to their shelter in Fort Smith where they were evaluated, treated, and housed. The ownership of the animals will be determined by a judge. Paperwork for criminal charges against the owner of the animals has been forwarded to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.


August 17th - Nicholas Schouweiler, 28, is a Level 4 sex offender who was just released from the Arkansas Department of Corrections after serving a ten-year sentence for Sexual Assault in the Second Degree for having sexual contact with an eleven year-old female. Level 4 is the highest level of sex offender classification and is reserved for offenders who have a habitual or serious pattern of offending and are deemed sexually violent predators. Nicholas will be living just north of Caulksville on North State Highway 23. Deputies are handing out sex offender community notification forms containing Nicholas' information and photograph to all of the residents and businesses in the area.


August 2nd - Rufus Daniel Tyndall, 39, of Magazine, and James Creed Wells, 39, of Paris, have been arrested for a series of thefts in the Magazine and Paris areas. A large amount of stolen property including firearms, power tools, musical instruments, and coins have been recovered and returned to their rightful owners. Tyndall is currently in jail and Wells is out on bond. We also have several items such as power tools, an air compressor, boating motors, jewelry, and firearms that have been turned over to the Sheriff's Office but we do not know who they belong to. If you have had anything missing and have not reported it, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 963-3271.


July 30th - A Dodge Durango was stolen from the Dublin area on July 22nd. Johnson County authorities located the vehicle on a county road southwest of Coal Hill. Investigators from the Logan County Sheriff's Office and Johnson County Sheriff's Office went to the Coal Hill area and, after a series of interviews, they found information that David James Henry, 22, of Coal Hill, stole the Durango. It is alleged that on July 22nd he was at a residence in the Dublin area early that morning and started walking home. He then entered a nearby residence, took the keys to the Durango, and drove off in it. A warrant has been issued for his arrest. The Durango was returned to the rightful owner.


Nathanial Hughes, 17, of Magazine, was arrested by Magazine Police Chief Boyd Hicks and Logan County Deputy Heath Chambers for Sexual Assault in the Second Degree, a Class B felony, and Battery in the Second Degree, a Class D felony. Due to the seriousness of this incident, Prosecuting Attorney Tom Tatum, II, charged Hughes as an adult and he is now in custody at the Logan County Jail. The Affidavit for Warrant of Arrest states that on Saturday, April 23rd, Hughes and the female minor, 17, of Magazine, were at the Magazine High School prom. After the prom was over, Hughes followed the female as she walked towards her home. He came up behind her, threw her down, and choked her until she blacked out. He also engaged in sexual contact by force. The female victim was found by her mother who then called 911. After the Logan County deputies arrived, the victim was transported to the Booneville Community Hospital. A sexual assault kit was obtained by a doctor at the hospital and will be sent to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory. Evidence was also found at the crime scene. Hughes is listed in the jail records as six foot, three inches tall and weighs two hundred and fifty pounds. Magazine Police Chief Hicks and Logan County Lead Investigator Ray Gack investigated the case.


Jeffrey Burke, 18, and Joshua Estes, 18, both of Booneville, were arrested for residential burglary, theft of property, and breaking or entering at a house on Simmons Road south of Paris. They are charged for entering the home while the homeowner was asleep in the house and stealing cash, a rifle, and other items from the house. They also stole a pistol and other items from vehivles parked at the residence. Burke and Estes are also charged with residential burglary, theft of property, and breaking or entering for a series of vehicle break-ins and a burglary on Calihan Road near Booneville in early January. They were indentified in those crimes after deputies followed footprints in the snow from the crime scenes to Burke’s residence. Most of the property in these cases has been recovered. They are also suspected in car break-ins on State Highway 116, Lowder Road, and Northridge Road. More warrants are anticipated. Burke and Estes are being held on bonds of a total of $200,000 each for their cases. The Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office also has warrants for them for vehicle break-ins in the Greenwood area


March 18 - On this day, the Logan County Sheriff’s Office received information that Josh Keith Farnam, 22, of Paris, and David Paul Caldwell, 25, of Paris, were staying at Misty Hill’s residence south of Paris. Josh Farnam has a failure to appear warrant out of drug court and two fleeing warrants and David Caldwell has a failure to appear warrant for a parole violation. They both ran from Sheriff Steve Smith a week earlier. Sheriff Smith and several deputies from the Sheriff’s Office set up surveillance on the house and one of them saw Josh Farnam go into the house. Sheriff Smith and his deputies then surrounded house and knocked on the door. They asked all of the residents of the house to come outside and Misty Hill, 25, Dennis Odom, 34, of Ratcliff, and Joseph Caldwell, 22, of Fort Smith, came outside. They were asked if Josh or David were in the house and they said they were not. Deputies then entered the house and found Josh hiding under the bed in the master bedroom. They also found a stolen shotgun in between the mattresses in the master bedroom. Outside of Misty’s house, they found a four-wheeler that was stolen from a residence near Scranton. Misty, Dennis, and Joseph were arrested for hindering apprehension or prosecution and Josh was arrested on his warrants. They were transported to the Logan County Jail. The deputies then went to several locations throughout Paris and Midway looking for David Caldwell. They told the residents of the houses that anyone harboring David would be charged with hindering apprehension or prosecution. David then turned himself in to his bail bondsman later that evening. More arrests are anticipated for the people who were harboring Josh and David.


January 20th - This past December, Sheriff Steve Smith purchased a 2008 Ford E-350 15-passenger transport van. The Sheriff's Office currently uses an 8-passenger 1997 Chevrolet Astro mini-van (the old van will still be used). The new 15-passenger van will help lower transport costs for the county since it will require less deputies and vehicles to transport prisoners. The Sheriff's Office is responsible for transporting prisoners, defendants, and people who have been involuntarily committed to the state hospital. This responsibility requires trips between the two county courthouses, other county jails, the state prisons which are spread across the state, the state hospital in Little Rock, and other places. The new transport van has been professionally outfitted by Fleet Safety in North Little Rock with cages and metal screens over the windows. There is also a separate caged area where females can be placed where they will not be in contact with the males (before we had to use two separate vehicles to transport males and females). Sheriff Smith picked up the van yesterday from Fleet Safety and it is now ready to use.


January 18th - The Sheriff's Office applied for and received a grant for $2,293.00. Sheriff Steve Smith will use half of the grant to purchase equipment for a community service porgram. This program will be for defendants in district court to work off their fines by picking up litter on the sides of the roads. The other half of the grant will be used to purchase a remote surveillance camera system for the Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division.


January 14th - The Logan County Sheriff's Office has an opening for patrol deputy. The person will be required to live in the Booneville area.


January 13th - Deputy Josh Franklin from the Logan County Sheriff's Office received a tip that meth was being cooked at a residence on Ed Woolridge Road near the Booneville Human Development Center. Deputy Franklin notified the 15th Judicial District Drug Task Force and the Arkansas State Police's drug investigator for this area. While they were enroute to the residence, they saw the owner of the residence, Elizabeth Lepley, 52, in Booneville. They stopped her vehicle and she had an illegal controlled substance with her. Deputy Franklin and Logan County Sheriff's Office Investigator Steve Lynch then went to her residence on Ed Woolridge Road and they found an active meth lab, illegal controlled subtances, and Cameron Macormmac, 45, and Terry Ray, 27, in the house. Cameron was carrying a handgun that had its serial number filed off. All three were arrested and transported to the Logan County Jail.


December 31st - New Year's Eve started off with a lost hunter near Mount Magazine off Green Bench Road. Logan County deputies, Arkansas State Parks police officers, members of the Logan County Search and Rescue Team, and members of several volunteer fire departments searched the area and found a man who got lost while squirrel hunting. There were no injuries. Later in the evening, the Sheriff's Office received an emergency call from a person living on Main Street in Scranton who stated an intoxicated man (later identified as Eric Seaman) crawled through his bushes and is now on his porch trying to break down the door. Eric also had a knife and had cut the screen door several times. When the deputy sheriff arrived, Eric put the knife up but continued to try to break down the door. The deputy used a Taser but it had no effect on Eric. The deputy then wrestled Eric to the ground and handcuffed him. When the deputy searched Eric, he found that Eric was wearing an old military-issued ballistic vest under his coat. Eric was arrested and transported to the Logan County Jail. After that, the Sheriff's Office received a call that Ethan Lovelace was driving around in a white Honda and that he had sent threatening text messages to someone in Roseville and that he had a handgun. Ethan was then pulled over by a Logan County deputy sheriff and a handgun was found in plain view in the floorboard. The serial number had been filed off the handgun. Ethan was arrested and transported to the Logan County Jail. Then the Sheriff's Office received a call that Daniel Underwood was found dead at a residence in Midway. When deputies arrived, Daniel was found in the master bathroom. There was no evidence of foul play and no visible signs of trauma. As a precaution, the body was sent to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory.


October 1st - Crime prevention means reducing the chances for criminals to victimize you, your family, and neighbors. It means protecting property and teaching kids and adults to be alert and aware. It means doing things that build communities up, and stopping things that tear communities down. Here are three ways to help prevent crime: 1.) Stay alert and tuned into your surroundings, wherever you are; 2.) Stand tall and walk confidently; and 3.) Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave quickly. Also, lock your house, vehicle, and shed doors and do not leave your keys in your vehicles (including ATVs and riding lawnmowers).

Halloween is at the end of the month. Here are some safety tips for Halloween: Make sure older kids go out with friends. Younger children should be accompanied by an adult. If you live in a rural area, offer all kids a ride in the car. Set a time limit for children to trick-or-treat. Together, map out a safe route so you know where they’ll be. Remind them not to take shortcuts through backyards, alleys, or playing fields. Remind kids not to enter a strange house or car. Try to get kids to trick-or-treat while it is still light out. If it is dark, make sure the children are carrying flashlights that work.


September 8th - James Todd Springer, 50, of Magazine, was arrested for allegedly having sexual contact with a minor who was ten years-old at the time of the contacts. There were multiple alleged contacts over a thirteen-month period. Springer was arrested and charged with Sexual Assault in the Second Degree, a Class B felony. He was in the Logan County Jail but is now out on a $20,000 bond.


September 1st - Arrest warrants have been issued and served on a couple in connection with the abuse of a five week-old baby boy. Matthew Hice, 17, of Midway, has been charged as an adult with Battery in the First Degree, a Class Y felony, and Jessica Taylor, 18, of Midway, has been charged with Permitting the Abuse of a Minor, a Class B felony, and Hindering Apprehension, a Class B felony. Both defendants are currently being held without bond in the Logan County Jail. On September 3rd, Matthew Hice received a $100,000 bond and Jessica Taylor received a $10,000 bond.