County Jail Inmate List

Logan County Sheriff's Office

12:10 pm
Adcock, Colton           W/M       19      NS Poss of Paraphernalia, Comm Burglary,
                                                        Theft of Property,  Hold for Johnson CO
Barnard, Steven         W/M        23     NS Domestic Violence
Brown, Milton             B/M       36      RCF
Coffer, Zachary         W/M      18      SS Aggravated Robbery
Corley, Amber           W/F       32     NS Failure to Pay
Cox, Jon                   W/M       40    Violation of Probated Sentence
Cravens, Britne         W/F        28     NS  Violation of Condition of Pretrial
Derr, Travis              W/M       31     NS Fleeing, False Imprisionment, Possession of
                                                     Firearm by Certain Person, Aggravated Assault
                                                     on a LEO, Battery 2nd, Theft of Property,
                                                     Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Speeding,
                                                     Escape from Custody
Goff, William          W/M     31     SS Theft of Property
Henderson, Jeffrey  B/M      39     Hold for Dallas County (Kidnapping)
Henderson, Monietha  B/F    33     Hold for Dallas County (Kidnapping)
Higham, Shaun         W/M    44      NS Aggravated Robbery, Failure to Pay
Honey, Daniel         W/M     39     NS Rape (2 counts)
James, Brandon       W/M     30     NS Aggravated Robbery
Johnson, Joshua     W/M         38     Murder in the 1st Degree
Jones, Brandi         W/F         28     NS Theft of Property, Drug Paraphernalia,
                                                   Criminal Impersonation, Hold for Crawford CO
Langston, Eric          W/M       32    NS  Possession of CS with Intent to Deliver,
                                                   Failure to Pay, Hold for Yell CO
Lowery, Scotty      W/M          26     SS Failure to Appear (Felony/Misd)
Moody, Jonthan       W/M        31      SS Theft By Receiving, Fraudulent Use of
                                                      Debit Card
Poole, Beverly         W/F        36      RCF
Ramsey, Joseph       W/M        45      SS Hindering Apprehension, Conspiracy to
                                                      Commit Armed Robbery 
Ratcliff, Joseph       W/M        38     NS Felony Failure to Appear
Ray, James             W/M         33     NS Driving on Suspended, CI Driving, Theft
                                                     by Receiving, Hold for Pulaski CO
Remon, Jamie         W/F          36     Hold for Crawford County
Ruby, Jeremy            W/M      34      ADC
Salzer, David            W/M       36     SS Aggravated Robbery
Self, Joseph             W/M      33      SS Breaking and Entering, Theft of Property,
                                                    Residential Burglary
Sims, Chad                W/M      41     RCF
Stephens, Heather     W/F       37    Serving days for Crawford County
Suttles, Mike             W/M      34      ADC
Townsend, Dave Ann  W/F     36     SS  Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Tuttle, Cameron       W/M      23      NS Driving on Suspended, Parole Hold
West, Kara             W/F         23      SS Possession of Meth with Intent to Deliver,  
                                                      Possession of a Controlled Substance with
                                                      Intent to Deliver, Possession of Drug 
                                                      Paraphernalia, Manufacturing of a Controlled
                                                      Substance, Proximity to Certain Facilities
Name                    RACE/SEX  AGE   CHARGE(S)