County Jail Inmate List

Logan County Sheriff's Office

LAST UPDATE: 08/26/14
9:37 am
Adams, Lonnie         W/M        30     Hold for Arkansas Dept. of Corrections
Allen, Lee               W/M        35     Hold for Arkansas Dept. of Corrections
Allen, Russell           W/M        32     Hold for Arkansas Dept. of Corrections
Barnard, Steven       W/M         21     Hold for ASH
Bodine, Brett           W/M        51     Murder in the First Degree
                                                      Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution
                                                      Possession of a Controlled Substance
                                                      Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Bodine, Harry "Bodie"  W/M     53      Murder in the First Degree
                                                      Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution
                                                      Possession of a Controlled Substance
                                                      Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Burke, Jeffery         W/M        21      SS Theft By Receiving, B & E, Theft of
                                                      Property, Residential Burglary
Chishty, Syrah          W/F        27     NS Aggravated Assault
Cox, Jon                  W/M       39     SS Possession of Controlled Substance, Drug
                                                     Paraphernalia, Intent To Manufacture, Unlawful
Davis, Heather         W/F        28     Hold for Arkansas Dept. of Corrections
Deer, Eric                W/M       48      SS Possession of Firearms by Certain Persons  
Downs, Steven O.      W/M       40     SS Driving On Suspended
Franklin, Claude        W/M       38      NS Disorderly Conduct
Gilmore, David         W/M       33      NS Body Attachment, Hold for Sebs Co
Goff, Randall             W/M      29      SS Probation Violation
Hill, Crystal               W/F       31      Poss of Controlled Substance, Battery 2nd,
                                                      Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest
Hittner, Alex             W/M      24      NS 30 days
Inman, Nelson           W/M      31      NS Battery 1st Degree
Johnson, Joshua        W/M       38     Murder in the 1st Degree
Kennedy, Jordan        W/F       19     Residential Burglary, Theft of Property
                                                     Breaking or Entering
Lane, James             W/M      33      1st Degree Murder, Probation Violation
Long, Steven             W/M       35    SS Parole Hold
Mashburn, David        W/M       20     NS FTA
Massey, John             W/M       40     1st Degree Murder
Moles, Jerome           W/M       32     Leaving the Scene of an Accident
                                                      Filing a False Police Report
                                                      Driving While Intoxicated
                                                      Reckless Driving
Morphis, Bridney       W/F        28      NS Theft of Property, Criminal Tresspass,
                                                       Possession of a Controlled Substance,
                                                       Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Parsons, Allen             W/M       21     Hold for Arkansas Dept. of Corrections
Paulson, Eric              W/M      47      Rape
                                                      Hold for Sebastian County
Quijada, Amber       W/F         28      Possession of Controlled Substance,
                                                      Frauduent Practice
Rogers, Thomas       W/M        68      NS FTP, Driving On Suspended DL, No
                                                     Insurance, Fictitous Tags
Sanders, Robert        W/M        54      Probation Violation
Self, Thomas            W/M       36       SS FTA, Bench Warrant, Violation of
                                                      Suspended Sentence
Sewell, Raymond      W/M       48       NS Forgery
Sims, Danny              W/M       40      Hold for Arkansas Dept. of Corrections
Soto, Israel              W/M        40     NS Theft of Property, Possession of Drug
                                                     Paraphernalia, Driving on Suspended
Stinnett, Brenda       W/F        29     FTA
Stinnett, Jeremy      W/M     34        Revoked Bond
Swanson, Haskal        W/M       24      Hold for Arkansas Dept. of Corrections
Thompson, Eric         W/M      42       Negligent Homicide (x3)
                                                      Driving on a Suspended Driver's License
Tygart, Damon           W/M     31       NS Residential Burglary, Theft of Property,
                                                      Criminal Mischief
Wilkins, Merl              W/M     27      Hold For Arkansas Dept. of Corrections
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